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I've been eating all my life, but food has changed a lot in 50 years. Instead of cultivating and raising our food, we are inventing it, creating it in a lab, enhancing it artificially and losing the beauty of its sustaining value. How do we get that back? We research, we make personal changes, and we take control.

Attention Shoppers

Dear Customers: So sorry you feel inconvenienced shopping for 30 minutes wearing a mask. I feel inconvenienced waiting on ungrateful, selfish bastards like yourself, but am not permitted to share those feelings with you lest I cause a problem. I … Continue reading

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Diets for Humans

I work in a grocery store, am certified in plant-based nutrition through e-Cornell from Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and have changed my food choices to fit my human organism’s need.  Food is a passion for me. I investigate ingredients as … Continue reading

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Everyday People

I wrote some thoughts and experiences that shaped my beliefs concerning race. The intent is just to share a bit of me and how I grew up and how I processed racism. I was born in 1960. When I was … Continue reading

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GMO: The Genetically Modified Onslaught

GMO. What is it? Why should  we worry about it? Genetically Modified Organisms are plants and animals we, i.e. scientists, have altered for a number of reasons. I don’t feel that I can confidently address this with tons of research … Continue reading

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Namaste, Azodicarbonimide.

Let’s talk about azodicarbonamide. Yes, it is in yoga mats. Thank you, Food Babe, because now it is not in Subway sammies. Great, one down and how many more to go? I have my own experience with this ingredient. A … Continue reading

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