Attention Shoppers

Dear Customers:

So sorry you feel inconvenienced shopping for 30 minutes wearing a mask. I feel inconvenienced waiting on ungrateful, selfish bastards like yourself, but am not permitted to share those feelings with you lest I cause a problem. I wear a mask from the moment I step into work and right up until I leave the building 8 hours later.

When you shop, you may have about 100 people in the store including employees and then, lucky for us, you leave. Your thoughtless self may not have considered that the number of people you came in direct or indirect contact was momentary, while we, the “essential workers minus the hazard pay” are in the public dealing with thousands of people a week.

YOU wearing a fucking mask helps us cope and feel a little better (stress: a little better). And if you really decide to go against the mandate of our governor, do it for the employees. We too have feelings about all this. We now know people that have had it. We got that notification text and it got real. Yet everyday, we suit up and wash hands often and sanitize between customers and serve the public. Most of those people are awesome. But please don’t confuse your sorryass maskless excuse of a human with those awesome people; no comparison.

And for you other wackadoos, “Oh, you don’t want the dirty coins? You’re afraid to touch change? Why are you out and about? And you do realize those gloves you’re wearing should be changed often because they look really filthy. No, of course you don’t want your receipt”.

So in closing, wear a mask or please stand the fuck over there away from me. I have one nerve left and you’re on it.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Every grocery store employee everywhere


About thispiehole

I've been eating all my life, but food has changed a lot in 50 years. Instead of cultivating and raising our food, we are inventing it, creating it in a lab, enhancing it artificially and losing the beauty of its sustaining value. How do we get that back? We research, we make personal changes, and we take control.
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